Deck the Halls

Stay with me on the title for a mo if you don't mind! Today 3 tall, extremely tall bay trees arrive for the back garden. How they will go thru the house we don't know (crane possibly), as their root balls are larger than both the door or window openings. Minor problem - they have a job to do, take out the neighbours that is all I ask of them. Grow bushier, higher and faster than any tree on earth and secure our little garden again so we can potter around in pyjamas watering, reading the papers, and weeding that sort of thing. The 10, 3 metre jasmine are fine except they are not growing fast enough - so maybe they have only been planted a week but that is quite long enough in my book. If you can't do your job in a week time for a replacement, or I should say a new addition, hence the arrival of the bays! As well as that happening I've got my head fully ensconced in Christmas. One of the best parts of my job is buying; one of the worst parts of my job is having to get my head around Christmas in May. I'm ordering so many cool products I want it to be Christmas now!  I've just ordered thousands of winter blooms, amazing chestnuts, berries, dahlias as well as these cool things below. They won't be in for a while but I wanted to give you guys a heads up. Tables as I mentioned yesterday are the hardest thing for me to buy as I hate so many of them, but how strange is this, yesterday I came across this totally cool one  and jumped for joy, scaring Mung's curled up at my feet. Simple and beautiful and a great canvas for displaying a load of stuff. Oh and baskets am obsessed with them, for blankets, for wood, for magazines they cosy up a space like nothing else I know. A home wouldn't be a home without animals the real kind or otherwise, so I instantly feel in love with these super cute owls. Happy Thursday,  I'll no doubt be munching mince pies and lighting fires if I get anymore into the Christmas spirit!

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