My fail safe receipe for creating the perfect interior

I make lists. This is my current one to be implemented really within the next few days unlikely as that will be! Finish planting back garden Order wicker planters for flat roof and figure out what sort of plants will survive up there. Our neighbours the lovely Jehovah's Witnesses are building a monstrosity. They've taken down an old wooden sort of shack and are replacing it with what looks like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Not only have they chopped down decades old wisteria, messed up everyone's back yards but they are also building up and out big time. Only thing to do plant the flat roof to shield the view (more goddam expense)!! Finish ordering Christmas stock Run to Paris buy bedding Test scented candle range and hopefully give lab the go ahead Design stand for Maison Objet Book hairdressers for Mung's Maud and myself - could the dog groomer possibly do all 3 of us in one job lot? Would save heaps of time and we are all starting to look the same anyways Restock the store Swim or go to yoga at least once over the weekend!! Take Design School international - figure out where, when and dates! When I was a teenager I would write lists, stuff like what to achieve by 30 ie go up in a  hot air balloon in Kenya, jump on a helicopter in NY, potter around Venice in a gondola.  Now I still make lists but my how they have changed. They’ve got longer and more mundane but without my lists I would barely even remember to order food, get haircut, stick out the rubbish stuff like that. With so much going on without my funny little lists scrawled on post its and bits of paper all over  the place who knows where I would be. Anyways let get down to business. If you want a truly fabulous interior then follow this simple plan it works every single time I promise you. 90% of your space, should be harmonious, co-ordinated, beautiful and so on but then the remaining 10% should totally and utterly throw it off balance. WHY I here you cry, simple if you have an interior that is decorated to within an inch of perfection it will, no matter how casual the vibe automatically feel more uptight. This 10% is loosening the mood if you like. Opt for something that’s kitsch or fun, or supersized, or is in a bright zany hue that literally knocks your space totally and utterly off balance. So a funny piece of art, any kind of animal (elephants, owls, dogs all hang out here), a supersized table lamp, ostrich tables, art that has attitude. Its so simple when you actually narrow it down.  There is nothing worse than having an uptight interior in my book. There is enough tension and up tightness going on in the world without our homes reflecting that too. That’s me  done, late,  need coffee, same old, same old! Photography Todd Selby Photography  Todd Selby Have a lovely weekend

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