Colour made easy

Apologizes for the lack of post yesterday it was a toss up, write blog, or go to bikram yoga? I opted for the yoga sorry guys wish I hadn’t as I hate hate hate it. No chance of that today however. I should swim, I might the weather is lovely but there is so much to do  that the internal head battle goes on, swim its good for you, don’t swim you’re sinking under how much has to be done, blah blah blah. Anyways enough on my dilemmas of which there are many! I thought we might have a bit of a yabber about colour today, I’m a bit of a colour freak or junkie as there is nothing, repeat nothing quite as transformative as adding a spot of colour to a room. It can seem daunting to some,  guessing that’s why the majority of homes are beige hazes of blandness yet if you break it down to an instinctive level it will get you on your way. For instance as abstract as it may sound look to nature for inspiration or the beach for that matter or take a stroll and just look at the stuff around you and start thinking about how it makes you feel. Every afternoon, or I should say as many afternoons as possible  its my turn to walk the dogs so the other day we went to the Dalston Eastern Curve garden, its sooo sweet. Slap bang in the middle of the city, planted by volunteers it’s a little oasis. Maud and Mung’s love it as there is so much to sniff and investigate. They still have much to do with the garden but just wondering around looking at all the plants, herbs, trees, and all the varying types of green working so beautifully together made me realize I should use green a lot more. I love green, but for some bizarre reason I hate green on walls cannot stand it, unless its an olive, murky, bottom of the pond type of green and then I’m on board. Colour is  so personal – I favor colours that cocoon, mesmerize feel sophisticated glamorous and confident (boy that’s a lot to ask I know ) but that is why I opt for dark. You might prefer lighter hues, there is no right there is no wrong. Follow your heart, be brave and experiment and the most important thing is to select colours that make you happy. Do that and you will always have a happy home to come back to. Simple hey! Below some beautiful colour combo's that make me happy    

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