Style for less

Today and tomorrow we're throwing open the doors of the house, for my master classes on how to break the design rules. The weather is beautiful so lunch in the garden is must, still have to zoom around the place and dust, cut foliage from the garden (oops correction neighbours garden don't want to diminish any of mine and he won't notice its sooo overgrown)!! and plonk in sweet little jam jars and then I am done. Summer in the city, nothing better. I mean I love the country and am pretty desperate once the Merc decides to work again to escape for a weekend but there is something about London in the summer that I love. Everyone out and about sitting on pavements, the relaxed vibe that permanents the air, love it. Thank goodness with the fab weather we are having that the three of us (Maud, Mung's and myself) all got our hair cut last week (told you I was going for a job lot) so we feel lighter, and much cooler for pottering around the streets. I digress as always, today we are going to be yabbering about style, particularly style for less. I say it a thousand times and I shall say it again style has nothing to do with money. You can have the coolest pad on the planet and it need not cost the earth you just need to think outside the box. For instance top top top trick, visit flea markets for some cheap but well made furniture. If you like the form, shape and size buy and then spray. Don't just spray it a conventional colour, no no no we want to push boundaries. Go for gold, go for red, go pink. Do this and you will immediately elevate its status, it will feel grander a little more rock n roll. I'm a big fan of the boho look, the rustic look but they can feel a  tad boring unless you have something that knocks it off balance and a brightly sprayed piece of furniture does just that. One of my flea market finds below, £30 which I then sprayed, told you style has nothing to do with money. Have a lovely weekend, for me it’s teaching Saturday and pottering in the garden Sunday, heavenly!    

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