How to create rooms that you love

Before getting onto creating rooms that you love I must say the biggest thank you to everyone for their comments of encouragement yesterday, thank you, thank you it means so much, I shall keep you posted on developments. How then do you create a room that you love? First up decide upon your style, industrial, rustic, contemporary, traditional, or all of that group and more? For me its the eclectic vibe all the way, its the hardest to pull off but its the most playful.  When you've nailed the style its time to put the look together. For me a home must have books, flowers (heaps of), art and stuff. Without stuff its hard to give a home soul, I talk about it in the classes but its all about tantalising the eye. The more you tantalise the eye the more exciting a space becomes. So  I want a feeling of casual grandness if that makes any sense at all. I want my spaces to feel glamourous but also laid back so you don’t feel you have to take your shoes off the moment you walk through the door. You might want something entirely different which is why design is so exciting right now anything goes. We are not slaves to trends, we acknowledge and are aware but it doesn't necessarily shape our buying decisions. So if you follow you heart, and buy things that you respond to emotionally i.e. there is some connection that moment you see it then I can pretty much guarantee it will work. It might not work where you planned it but it will fit into the overall scheme, she says having brought a 1960's coffee table on a whim not so long ago that fits nowhere (except the thought has just crept into my head) maybe the new store if we get it! Decorating is a journey a fun, fabulous sometimes-frustrating journey a bit like life I guess. Martyn Thompson's interior below in NYC, a totally personal eclectic space that I respond to on so many levels. Happy Wednesday, we put an offer in on the store which I am not thinking about, (trying not to think about). Flowers and coffee, moose’s and dog lights, ostrich tables and papier mache elephants all hanging out in a gritty stretch of road flanked by kebab shops. Must be mad!!    

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