The new simplicity

Forgive the lateness of this mornings entry, I decided to leave for Bikram yoga at 6 and then since arriving back to the studio is been non stop with stuff happening, left, right and centre. The four day break seemed to have past in a jiffy not that I am complaining we got a heap done including writing the Autumn schedule for the Design classes in London, (they go live next week) pencilling dates in the diary for our Australian trip, will announce those hopefully tomorrow and also as we speak we are working on a fab deal with the Ace Hotel in Manhattan in offering anyone who wishes to stay there during my NY master class a super doper discount! Plus a very big thank you to everyone who has signed up for the NYC classes, its gone crazy so cannot wait to see you all at the Ace. More on that tomorrow, I should also say my Australian trip is regrettably rather bijou as I'm working on a rather fab project (which I cannot talk about quite yet) which means my days are rammed so it looks like I'll only be jetting in for one day in Melbourne, and one in Sydney I'm hoping to extend to two but right now the schedule ain't that shift able! Enough of my scheduling problems lets talk interiors or rather outside interiors. Everybody knows right that stuff just looks better when its framed against grey or dark hues, this is because it stands out more, it packs a visual punch which you just don't get otherwise. A beautiful repeat beautiful home in Paris owned by Laurence Simoncini epitomises for me just how fabulous a dark palette can be and even though I am focusing on the outside the very same applies inside. If you restrict the colour palette your look will immediately feel more cohesive, sophisticated and edgy. Take Laurence's beautiful out door room, dark furniture, dining chairs, lounging chairs,  stools or pouf all dark. Against these pieces some intoxicating foliage, from the lime of bamboo to grasses to darker evergreen species. If you're decorating inside obviously you will want a few more hues than this, but if you're a bit stumped with outside you won't go wrong with keeping it green. You can take inspiration from anywhere when decorating , for me this outdoor space is on the top of my list - for texture, for wow factor, and for a very simple yet sophisticated palette. Enjoy the rest of the day, back tomorrow hopefully nearer the usual time with all the details on the Australian classes and more.  

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