Talking frames

Early one from me this morning have to be up and out the door pretty pronto. This morning I thought I might yabber about frames seeing as they are one of those finishing touches that transform walls, mantles, shelves in a nano second. So you've got the art, could be something super expensive or not,  maybe its a print, a tear sheet, a flea market/auction find but you don't have any cool frames. Frames are hard to find I'm not talking simple black and white things here I am talking frames with personality - I love the combo of partnering quite a modernish piece of art in an ornate frame,  its causes friction and the more visual friction you create the more interesting a space becomes. Whenever I trawl auction houses/flea markets I'm always on the hunt and have actually found some cool frames housing mirrors that I've subsequently ditched and then plonked my art in. This big guy below is still a mirror but used to have a horrible green surround until I sprayed it to give it a slightly more rock n roll edge. Talking of mirrors D& J Simons in East London have the coolest collection of mirror surrounds, ornate and gilded as well as rooms and rooms of frames (well worth a visit). [caption id="attachment_3372" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Photography Rebecca Reid[/caption] Below a mantle in my bedroom and the art a flea market find.  By chance the art actually came with the frame (very rare indeed) but I see heaps and heaps of these gilded frames at action houses that no one ever seems to want as the art inside is rough. [caption id="attachment_3373" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Photography Rebecca Reid[/caption] Finally this is one of my favourite frames, a gift from my friend Lisa Whatmough who owns Squint That's me done, happy Monday everyone - rainy, a bit cold but you know nothing is going to dampen my spirits today feel in a surprisingly good mood considering the hour and the weather. x

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