Back to basics

Tomorrow lots of newsy things to tell on the locations of our master classes in Australia along with an AMAZING deal at the ACE HOTEL in NYC if you like me  want to stay there whilst visiting the city. For today however I wanted to show you a shot of photographer Hugo Tillman's pad. Located in a part of London that has yet to be hipsterised its a space that feels instantly personal, lived in and loved. I was talking about open plan kitchens not so long ago and how I can't stand them looking sterile and disconnected with the rest of the space, so this pad totally nails it for me.  Its cluttered but in a friendly non-over the top way. The art hanging salon style above and around the doorway lends visual intrigue and not only looks cool  but adds heaps of personality to the kitchen area. Pots and pans, oils and crockery are all on display, I will probably be saying this until I am 90 but you can't have a tantalising. mesmerising interior unless you have stuff because without stuff there is nothing to bedazzle the eye simple as that. Put bottles of oils on surfaces, herbs in pots everywhere, use apple crates as display shelves, throw in the odd house plant or bunch of blooms and wham bam thank you mam you have on your hands one very cool interior. Gotta fly, things to go to which at the moment are top secret but will be able to divulge in a couple of weeks xx  

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