New Fall Schedule of classes and some exciting news

The wife isn't always right but in most cases say 99.9% I would say she is. My point (yes yes yes getting to that) is that every home needs an element of tongue in cheekness. Without it, it can  feel to uptight to formulaic to considered. This is an old sign of mine that I picked up at a flea market, fell in love with the rust and then scrawled on it in hot pink. Art is a fab way of taking a room off radar as is almost anything. I've got a gnome perched beside me on the balcony, a pelican lamp on a table by my armchair - it may sound a little crazy but without the odd (kitsch slightly bonkers find) this house would take itself far too seriously. Our homes should makes us happy, I went somewhere this week just off of Exmouth market that made my heart leap, skip and jump . Can't tell where just yet but soon I will be posting images of one of the most inspiring homes I have seen in a long time. It all involved thinking outside of the box and decorating in a completely different way. Talking of which - drum roll please, the new Fall schedule of master classes in London has just gone live. Spaces are limited I hate to say since my schedule is so bonkers we haven't been able to add quite a many days as we would like. However excited to tell there are now 3 new classes you can opt for half day sessions, whole day sessions or the whole shebang. There are classes on decorating for the holidays and a new retail class (only two this year regrettably due to my crazy life) but still, two is better than zilch. There will also be new classes on flower arranging  since so many of you have emailed in since seeing Gem's short little version on our current schedule (those dates yet to be published). They will be held between here (at home) and wait for it, the new store!!! Yes its in solicitors hands we haven't yet signed but its all going through which is hugely excited. Abigail Ahern East will open in the Fall cannot wait. Flowers, coffee (amazing coffee), snacks and stuff. Heavenly, happy Friday.

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