Abigail Ahern


What a phenomenal press weekend we have just had, the front cover (yes can’t quite believe it myself) but THE FRONT COVER of Australia’s totally cool Real Living magazine, with a fabulous number of spreads inside (12 pages no less). Love it, the layout, the images thank you Real Living. As a result and due to an overwhelming incredible response, that in honesty I cannot quite believe,  I am opening up one further master class  in Sydney. TA DA  Monday 15th October  has just gone live online and you can book here, places are limited though so best to book early! In addition, on The Mail on Sunday yesterday a double page spread of me lounging in the garden, hanging out as you do looking all summery and laid back. AND there is more, stay with me if you can, People Magazine in the US of A wrote a lovely article about my master classes happening in NYC at the achingly cool Ace hotel in August, and below front cover of the Metro magazine on Friday!   If I can get my jaw off the floor and allow my head to stop swelling for a nano second ,  (I had mentioned last night over homemade pizza and beer that maybe  we could now get a live in chief, a nanny for the kids,aka dogs, a masseur, a personal dresser and hair stylist, please a hair stylist,  told you its gone to my head)!!,   then I have something to say. lf you have a dream,  follow it no matter how impossible, tough and unlikely it may seem if you work hard, believe in yourself, have passion and a fire in your gut then you will get there.  You’ve got to fail a bit (a lot) its all part of the process of finding your niche in the market place your groove if you like.  It doesn’t happen over night and it involves zillions of hours, but at the end of the day you can plonk down with a glass of wine on the sofa,  a little (nah a lot) exhausted and think, I created that, by hook, by crook, by perseverance and by determination.

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