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You know why I love interiors - because it gives me butterflies. Butterflies when I see something really fab, or implement some cool design idea, or discover some amazing find.   I can't stop thinking about it, it almost, it totally consumes my being. That is currently the state I am in figuring out the design for the new store, I'm flitting from laid back slightly urban, to glam with a dollop of boho, then I am thinking industrial, my head is in a pickle! I've got Melbourne in my head, the cafe scene over there is so fabulous, lots of little hole in the wall places existing with a very low key vibe, and larger spaces, urban, industrial laid back perfect for coffee. Any feedback greatly welcome, our coffee house is also a flower store, with a capsule collection of cool accessories including vintage finds, art and a whole load of other stuff which I can't really bang on about because we haven't even signed yet and I am superstitious in nature. So in my usual rambling fashion I need to think out of the box and come up with some super super cool decorating tricks - all of which would work fabulously at home. Painting a pattern on the floor - if you've got rubbish floorboards and fancy upping the style ratings a stripped or chevron painted floor in black and white looks AMAZING. Yes it’s not a five-minute job but it’s cheap and I'm seriously thinking about doing this in the new store. Spraying flea market furniture a rock n roll colour, it doesn't have the same impact if you go down the conventional colour route, just to warn having done that Add mirrors, they give the sensation that you are in a much grandeur venue particularly if you go supersized, its one of the most transformative things you can do. Paint your walls a colour that pushes boundaries (dark, dark, dark) Style up your space with layers; books, flowers, candles stuff. The image below actually an old one from Domino magazine of a rented apartment pretty much nails what I am talking about. The walls are painted a beautiful inky hue, there are layers everywhere - love a large round table near the bed if you've got the space so much more interesting than a standard bedside. Art on walls, flowers on tables, it’s all about tricking the eye, tantalising it so it doesn't quite know where to look. I may not be able to do all of this in my new store, but its on the list and if its on the list its worth considering. Happy Tuesday the sun is actually out, so I might grab a second and eat some granola, yoghurt and berries under the fig.

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