Following your heart

Question of the day - Is painting your house in bold colours an investment nightmare? By this I mean when we come to sell are we putting off 99 percent of potential buyers because we have pushed a few boundaries with our interior that most people won't like or won't get. My answer (maybe not the most sensible) is live for now.  If you are in the business of renovating and selling then yes endorse magnolia and other really sellable hues but if you are living in a space and thinking that maybe in 5 years or so you might move  without question ditch the pale.  My younger sister was told by her estate agent when she came to sell her East London apartment that nobody would buy it - its painted in F&B throughout - downpipe, railings, inky sludgy Ahern colours. He told her and her husband to paint the whole thing white, the didn't they sold within a few months. So dark colours are not for everyone I totally understand that (I don't really - I mean whats wrong with them) but that is not my point. My point is follow you heart, live for now, none of us  know  what is around the corner so its incredibly important to have a pad that makes you happy the moment that key goes in that door. If you want to go dark go dark, you'll be happier, you'll look skinnier (its a bit like wearing dark clothes) and you'll have the coolest pad in town. [caption id="attachment_3412" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Photography Todd Selby[/caption] Campaign over happy Thursday!

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