Yabberings on Martha Stewart, Jonathan Adler and my Australian 2012 Tour!

I spent the weekend planning, thinking, pondering, researching, panicking and getting excited all in one hit. We walked past the new store a zillion times trying to imagine the fit out, we're at the point where it seems real but then it doesn't. Trying to figure out the food to serve, should we work with a food stylist or young chief and come up with a cool menu, organic, locally sourced (its only A1 so we can't actually cook anything on site), or as I suggested but it got a very bad response, should I just replant the garden, grow it all from home, cook it, package it and sell it in the store. I am sure I can grow stuff in 6 weeks, get 20 hives and plonk them on the flat roof, make plum jam, quince jelly, grow almonds, apricots and raspberries (for cakes). It feels very Martha Stewartish (just need the magazine to go with it now) but it got an eyebrows raised to the heavens and a deep sigh kind of reaction. Some people are very boring! I digress, I wanted today to show you Jonathan Alder's new holiday pad in Shelter island. What delighted and surprised me about this place is that it feels way  more three dimensional than all his other homes, namely because not everything in it has been designed by Adler. I love Adler's designs but the trouble when you buy everything from one source be that Adler, or Ralph Lauren or Pottery Barn or Ikea  say  is that it lacks originality, it tells a narrative but its a pretty narrow minded one at that. The more we can dip into other sources, styles and  periods the cooler our homes become. Without further ado some pics: Think Jonathan and Simon may have converted to the dark side.  Very cool outdoor space boys! Very cool living room, furniture and rug are vintage finds, o and see how against a darker palette everything feels just way more sophisticated. One final thing, one final important bit of news my Melbourne Masterclass on Saturday 13th October have completely now sold out! AMAZING, thank you to all who have booked.  We have opened up one more day on Friday October 12th, but regrettably that is the very last day I can add as my schedule, as they say is bonkers! Happy Monday, should be at yoga but stuff that, coffee is in order and then I might try making a croissant seeing as I am feeling a little Martha Stewartish (presuming you can knock that sort of  thing up in a jiffy)

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