Actions speak louder than words

It’s hot in London, just about to strike the hour of 6am and you can tell it’s going to be a humid one. I'm just about to go plunge in the lido for an outdoor pace up and down to hopefully clear my head as today is ordering day. Ordering stock for the new store means there is no turning back, not that I want to turn back it just means from here on in its real. Up unto this point its felt a bit unreal but now no more playing around with schemes in my head or changing my mind every 20 minutes regarding the vibe I've got to stick with my gut and go for it. So my plan (an early heads up for you guys) is to make our new space a little more glam than urban. I love urban but I've researched alot and everyone does urban, big industrial lights, concrete floors, slightly scruffy wooden seating. Love it except like my home and store I need more of a mix.  I'm thinking fireplaces with cosy chairs around, with big supersized mirrors overhead. I'm thinking rugs and lots of cool lighting, just found the most amazing little chandelier (think cowboy meets granny) that is beaded and can sit over the bar. I've also found some funky wooden green chandeliers that are neither cowboy or granny more boho in feel I guess. I'm thinking maybe some panelled wallpaper at the back and big rustic tables housing beautiful blooms of faux flowers. Buckets and buckets of cool blooms that take your breath away which we are going to mix with fresh foliage. Gem (my sister) is heading up the floristry team, I won't give away much more but our plans are going to take flower stores to a whole new level. Along with that we will be stocking the coolest collection of vases anywhere in the world (can I say that)? Just did so hey - glass, ceramic, wood - big ornate urns that stopped me in my tracks when I saw them, I actually spent 3 nights dreaming about them as well as a cool selection of other accessories. Plus very soon I will be announcing (I hope) a new venture called  'calling all creatives' so if you are a designer, maker, artist, foodie and want to exhibit your stuff to a greater audience stay tuned I have a plan. Its an early plan so I can't divulge just quite yet but  its a good one I think. Off to swim, no image this morning just words today and actions.  As the saying goes actions speak louder than words, never a truer sentence spoken! You can talk until you are blue in the face about doing this or doing that, unless you actually do something about it its pretty darn pointless.        

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