Adding a high voltage jolt

Sometimes we need a pick up me, this morning I know I do. Long hours stuck at the computer is driving me a little nuts - have had the first cup of coffee of the day (that hasn't really helped) possibly need a massage or (crazy idea) a holiday!!  Haven't had one of those in years but enough on me. I'm in a moany kind of mood this morning- no time for holidays until possibly October when I might on my way back from Australia just might be able to stop in Thailand for a night or two to swim in the ocean. I said that last year and it didn't happen so am guessing it probably won't happen this year either but here's to hoping. Our homes also need a pick me up, you know the feeling sometimes when you walk into one of your rooms and think it’s missing something - like a risotto without the seasoning it feels a little bland. Have no fear I have the answer, what you need or your rooms need is a jolt of unexpected colour. It will lift the spirits and raise the bar; it will give your room an unexpected twist. Here is the hard part, you've got to have confidence you can't plump for a namby pamby kind of a hue - we need high voltage knock your socks off sort of  colours - like saffron, burnt orange, bright bright red, magenta.  Flowers in this colour, vases, a cushion, maybe an occasional table or chairs like below, if you can go big (like the odd piece of furniture) it will take your space to a whole other level. Accessories are great don't get me wrong but it won't give you that TA DA moment because they are simply not large enough. Image below by Mark Gregory Peters o and I have the feeling that that red cabinet is by Ikea, used something very similar for the Channel 4 show not so long ago. I'm done, should be at yoga but can't stand it, so I should be swimming but I don't fancy it - told you it was a moany kind of a day!

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