NYC happenings

The Design School opens it doors today and tomorrow and  we have a group of lovely people heading here in a few hours time so I will have to be quick as there is heaps to do which I should have done yesterday but as always the day got out of hand. Talking of which I just wanted to  reach out (how American am I sounding, impressed hey) and say thank you to Rue Magazine for tweeting about the classes at the Ace and saying I was one of their favourite designers, to New York Spaces for their lovely feature and also to Thank you guys, spaces are getting very booked up for the NY session and  we have some amazing press attending, People Magazine, journalists from Rue & other cool magazines as well as some very cool bloggers!  We may also have a film crew to film the proceedings for a bit. Remember if you are coming in from out of town and need somewhere to say the Ace Hotel is giving us the most amazing room rate so just let me know and I will give you  codes etc. I talk alot in the classes about thinking outside of the box whso en it comes to design and although it may sound scary when you break it down it really is easy peasy. If you want a magical tantalising interior then you have to use colour, you have to be bold, as you just wont get that heart skipping a beat thing if you go down the pale route. You also have to play around with scale and use zillions of lights to create pockets of warm glowing snugness. Check out Claire Safronoff's Parisian apartment below. It feels arty, dramatic, and edgy, purely repeat purely because of the colour (paint that room out white and sure it would feel very nice, but who wants nice). Nice isn't good enough we want pulse quickening, skipping around the room type interiors that mesmerise as  much  you don't even want to go to bed you just want to sit and gaze at your fabulous interior, right? Gotta go, going to try and run for 20 minutes which is bad for me with a terrible hip but then again I can't have a film crew coming to the Ace in less than a month without being size 0, its not going to happen, hip pain or no hip pain! Btw excuse the spelling mistakes this morning its was a toss up between checking it all (which I know only takes a few minutes) or pounding the streets, pounding one out! Have a lovely weekend.

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