Tricking the eye

Big thank you to all of you who came to the Design School the last couple days, had a fabulous time yabbering about all things design related. Did I tell you that I am working on a second Girls Guide Book? I can't recall, anyways I am and its shaping up beautifully. We've already photographed half of it (with my friend and cool photographer Graham Atkins Hughes) in Paris and London and later this month we travel to NYC to shoot a collection of beautiful homes. Its published Spring 2013 and will be full of speedy updates,  some super cool projects to turn rooms from drab to fab and tons of top top tips. One of the homes I photographed (can't show you images you will just have to wait I am afraid) has the most amazing library slash den slash TV room,  one of the coolest rooms I have seen in fact. I was remarking on how I would love such a room but it would take me years to accumulate such tomes when to my complete surprise and delight I realised a section of the books were not real - fake cardboard ones in fact. Genius idea, it felt so snug so cosy and so intimate and yet a little section of it completely tricked my eye. So (and apologises now all those of you who came to the classes over the weekend as you are probably sick to death of my saying it)  the best interiors trick and challenge the  eye. They trick the eye with tantalising displays, beautiful colours, interesting lighting, cool accessories so that its bezazzled and doesn't quite know where to look. If you don't have stuff you won't have a cool interior its a simple as that. This is a fab example from of a very cool library. The trick with bookcases or shelves for that matter is to make them as three dimensional as you possibly can so pile books both vertically and horizontally and plonk things in front, postcards, letters stuff to make them as 3 dimensional as possible. Its not quite as cool as the library I am talking about, you will have to wait I hate to say a little bit longer  but this one nails my point in the tricking of the eye department! I'm off to swim, happy Monday

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