Evolving rooms

Yesterday a long one I might add (got to my desk at 6 finished at around 8) I redesigned my ground floor in my head. Whilst trying to figure out what to put in the new store and writing the new classes for New York and Australia and getting carried away talking about interiors that take it to the next level I realised that one of the rooms on my ground floor, the living roomy bit of the studio was really below par. You will say I am sure that I am being exceedingly fussy, possibly I am a bit but there must be a reason I never really hang out here, see here below (i've pinched the rug and now taken it to the bedroom which is one of the reasons I'm thinking that its not working) Sofa not squishy enough, no rug, lighting needs ramping up to another level that sort of thing. What's the point you may ask with today's yabberings well it’s really to say that a room is never really finished. It kind of keeps evolving, it changes direction as I change direction. I don't really need a second sofa I figured out yesterday,  the one I have on the lower ground floor knocks all other sofas out of the park its soooo supremely comfortable and this chesterfield up here isn't, supremely comfortable that is. What I need are a couple of loungy chairs around the fireplace (for M&M) a circular coffee table, a big slubby rug and a second desk seeing how my current desk is too small for the projects that are going on and piles are getting larger around the floor. So that is my plan, I am also painting the room dark chocolate I think,  (although might be black not sure) if anyone knows any good dark brown paint do let me know - I've tried Farrow and Ball but not a lover of their browns regrettably, Zoffany do a lovely brown (or so it seems on the swatch card so will be checking that one out). So you never really finish, rooms just keep evolving, growing up, getting grandeur (in my case) with a bit more edge I think - its that mingling of glamour with a bit of rock n roll that I am particularly attracted too. I am sure if I had gone down a rustic route with the new store I would be putting some distressed furniture in my studio coupled with hay bales possibly? Who knows where this room will lead, but that I reckon is the exciting part! It’s raining AGAIN, I need a warm comforting muffin from Violets along with a flat white, and the Guardian and a big cardy to wrap up in. M&M are off to school as I am in meetings all day and I worry about them going on a day like this, about them getting wet with no fire or bed to snuggle up on. I know its nuts their dogs not kids (except I tend not to think of them more as kids than dogs) and they do have heated beds in school for when they are having quiet times (if they ever have quiet times that is)! Enough from me, gotta run late already

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