Going off radar

I was asked recently by someone who isn't into design in anyway and who feels a home should be nothing more than a functional space why I feel the need to introduce wit and whimsy into my spaces and my store. First up there is nothing wrong with not having a stylish home (OH YES THERE IS, but I am being kind); Second up it’s the witty things that turn rooms from being all right to being fabulous. It’s actually the easiest decorating tool around, adding a bit of quirk that then takes a space to the next level. Animals as I've said a zillion times do that, but so does some oddball chair, or lamp or piece of art. It makes a space feel less designed, it knocks it off radar if that makes any sense at all. All interiors need a bit of bad taste, bad phrase, a dollop of unconventionality otherwise they will feel 'overly decorated'. Embrace those design dilemmas I say, spatially challenged rooms (my idea of heaven), budget constraints (even better I am often at my most creative when the budget is restricted), glamming up a rental you know the sort of thing. There is nothing to stop us turning our pads into beautiful stunning spaces, no matter the constraints other than our selves.  If you want purely a functional home, go for it, I want somewhere that pulls at my heart strings so even when I leave it for a few hours its there tugging at my heart pulling me back, its in my head waiting for me to put my key in the door and then filling me with that warm, wondrous welcoming feeling. Busy day today, a meeting in town then lunch with Deborah Bibby editor of Real Living magazine, did I mention that Maud and I are on the cover of it this month, super exciting!! Then a whizz round the New Designers show at the Islington Design Centre, and then back to the studio to work. Bit bonkers but all good!

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