Don't be afraid to fake it

Early start in the store today as we are in preparing for a flower delivery = our latest blooms should be hot footing it in from Amsterdam round about lunch time so there is lots to do in terms of prep. I would say flowers fresh or faux like ours are really the 5 minute face lift of the decorating world. Pop a few dahlias in a marmalade pot or some hand tied blooms in jam jars and suddenly you've transformed a little nook into something super sweet. We are all getting super excited about the thought of our new faux flower store, yes I know it sounds a little crazy a store full of fakes but we will also be mixing with fabulous countryesq real foliage. We've chosen flowers that are overblown (think big blousy blooms) with a dream like quality and the choices will be endless from 'daily deals" think the sweetest little arrangement in bud vases to single mixed flowers(lots of texture, lots of colour)  instant mood lifters if you will.  Offbeat combos, as well as some playing around with scale will all predominate. So if your pad  fancies  an instant update this weekend, raid the garden, run to the market, or the store and plonk a little smattering of blooms on your dining table, desk, console anywhere. It immediately makes you happy or it does me. Some of our gelda or snowball which Red Magazine chopped down and plonked in a t=light very sweet. Dahlias one of our favourite autumnal blooms not in today its not quite autumn yet (yes I here you cry they are fake so it doesn;t matter) but actually it kind of does - we follow the seasons just like the other guys. Happy Weekend O by the way a big thank you to Design Sponge for a lovely tweet about the upcoming masterclass at the Ace Hotel in NYC in August, thanks Grace. Oh and please remember if you want to stay at the Ace during the time of the masterclass they are offering us the most AMAZING deal so just let us know and will we give you all the relevant discount codes. Happy weekend, gardening, baking, pottering is the plan for moi!

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