Back to school

Forgive the extremely late post today – have only just managed to sit for 5 minutes, take a breath (slurp a coffee) and post something. Because of my crazy schedule we have had to juggle around the LONDON dates for the design school. It was a case of trying to do too much, zoom around the world to teach, launch new products to market, open a new store, and write a new book and a whole heap of other stuff that I can’t even tell you about just yet! So I’ve revamped the London classes, cut down the number of  days and rather than them being super interior designy (a morning on lighting for instance) they are now more compact and very much mirror the classes in Australia and NYC. So here's what I will be talking about; how to create the perfect home, top tips on breaking rules, decoding colour, finishing touches and designing on a shoe string are some of the subjects included.  They are full to the brim of twinkly glamour and a spirit of adventure helping you unearth possibilities that you didn’t even think possible for your homes! If you don’t take risks and push some boundaries you won’t be able to create a cool interior it’s as simple as that. Hope to see you along at the classes and apologies on the restructuring (the retail classes and the Christmas classes remain the same btw) and if you’ve already booked into the old schedule in London the guys will be contacting you pronto about the change of plan. Oh forgetting the most important part. THERE IS A  48 HOUR DEAL on the London dates, 15% off (discount applied when payment taken)  if you book within the next 48 hours (closes midnight on the 11th)!!  Its a first come first serve basis I hate to say as classes are at in part at home so  we have to keep the classes quite intimate.  

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