Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are one of the easiest tools in the decorating box when it comes to transforming  rooms. They expand horizons, add intrigue and give spaces an instant polish. You can plonk in a dark corner and they will illuminate, you can rest against a mantle and they will add elegance, you can super size as I do and they will add drama. I tend to look at them almost as a work of art and with so many choices out there its super easy to add a different vibe to almost every room, should you so wish. You could go down a  faux-tortoiseshell route, glam,  quite gentlemany yet cool as seen below. Or you could cluster a group of convex on a wall, also super sweet (forgive the decor though image from US Elle Decor, surprise, surprise)! Or you could go  the whole hog and create a wall of mirrors with mercury glass panels (image from same magazine) My point is that mirrors are handy little helpers , helping us make spaces feel grandeur, quirkier, cooler than they really are, whether you cluster together or go stand alone as I do, they make every room feel better.

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