"To feel like a woman, wear heels, and to feel like a Goddess, wear 5 inches.”

"To feel like a woman, wear heels, and to feel like a Goddess, wear 5 inches.” so said Christian Louboutin.  Taking those very apt words of wisdom on board last week between meetings and before meeting the very lovely Deborah Bibby for lunch I had 3o minutes to kill so I found myself in Liberty in the shoe department and brought these fabulous Prada numbers: There were 600 and something quid reduced to, wait for it £149. My plan is to wear them when I give the master classes in both NYC and Australia as these shoes and I are deeply in love, at the moment they haven't been moved up to the dressing room, they sleep in the same room as me its early stages of our love affair! Trouble is they are sooo high that I am teetering and wobbling all over the place so I am practising.  Here I sit and write in pyjamas and leopard pumps! What’s my point well that feeling that I got and still have about these shoes is the very same feeling I have about this house- joyous, uplifting, tantalising and intriguing.  Just as Mr Louboutin wants us to feel like a Goddess in his shoes, I want you to feel the same about your homes. Your spirits lift the moment you put the key in the door. You won't I hate to say get that feeling unless you have stuff, stuff that makes you smile that makes your heart beat just that little bit faster. Take my sisters pad below its full of stuff that raises the spirits, flea market finds intermingled with high street finds and the odd high end thing. This apartment has changed big time I can't get to show you that I am afraid until the new book comes out in the Spring next year. Regardless follow your heart and  buy what you love simple as that. That's it,  gotta fly need to pound the streets and run (not in the leopards of course) am on a mission this week on the exercise front. Have a lovely weekend.  

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