Some days I favour a boho rustic vibe, other days a glam edgy, rock n roll bad boy vibe. If I had to choose I would go glam, its harder to make work and it pushes more boundaries, some tips on how below Paint or spray anything glossy, smooth shimmery surfaces bounce the light around and add a bit of intrigue and mystery. Add something gold or silver, cushions, vases, t-lights like magpies we are drawn to these colours and they will really stand out pulling your interior into all sorts of glamorous directions. Particularly if you're style is a little rustic some shimmery sharpness will up the style ratings in no time! Add a drippy chandelier, by that I mean twinkly ones which disperse and reflect light and make you feel like you residing in some stately abode. I've just brought one for the new store and I adore it (quite tempted to bring it home instead) except it’s massive and not easy to sneak through the door. Low level lighting - have more lights than you think you will need and just sit back and watch magic happens when daylight fades to dusk. Soft golden pools of light dispersed all over a room creating the cosiest feeling on earth - couple that with a roaring fire and a whisky, heavenly. Finally consider getting stuff flocked - great if you found some cheapo vintage piece like a mirror or a light or a side table, it will look like its been wrapped in velvet and immediately fancy and grand. Below my dining room with a lamp I didn't get flocked the supplier did but you will see the effect, cosy and cool especially if you push the colour. Push the colour on anything (so ditch the beige haze) and you're interior will thank you for it! Happy Tuesday Photography Rebecca Reid

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