Creating a lively dynamism

Lots of strange exciting things keep happening this week and still its only Wednesday, slightly bonkers but I am not complaining in the least! What shall we talk about today? My brain is only half working (didn't sleep so well, something on the mind) so go easy on me if you will. How about we focus on height, since I am sitting here in pyjamas again practicing wearing my leopard print super high heels for NYC in a week and a bits time, it kind of feels appropriate. You all know right, that having everything the same height be that furniture, or stuff on a mantle or lighting is a total no no. The reason it causes drab room syndrome - everything the same height equals boring boring boring. Plonk a floor light next to a chair, add an occasional table that is possibly too big next to the sofa, put a super skinny console along the wall and accessorise with stuff at various heights. Make sense? What we are doing infact is creating a lively dynamism, or a gentle rhythm to break up monotony. It may sound a little deep this time of the morning but in order to create rooms that are intriguing we have to work at them a bit, guess its a bit like cooking you could make a quick cheese toastie for supper or you could make beef wellington! One dish you gobble in a nano second, the other dish stays in your mind forever. Two examples the first shows very little variety of height so you clock this room in one hit and although tasteful its doesn't pack any punches for me, its a little dull on the lively rhythm front. The second image designed by Mr Jonathan Adler mixes up, plays with and seduces us all at the same time. Vary the levels, up the intrigue as simple as that.

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