Cool wallpaper and some thank you's

I would like to kick off with a few thank yous if I may. Firstly to all those who attended the design school these last few days, and a very BIG thank you to all those who travelled from afar including Australia!!!, America and Germany no less. I had a fabulous time meeting so many people, yabbering about design all day long and learning new stuff,  from cool places in NYC (more of that in a mo) to a fab interiors store in Paris. Thank you guys. Also I would like to thank the magazine Homes and Antiques for not just putting my blog in their top 50 (number 3 no less) but also calling me the 'designer of the moment'. I'm actually hoping my moment might last for a bit (I was thinking another 20 years or so would be really nice, if at all possible)! Back to NYC quickly before we get down to business,  I fly there on Sunday for a week of work and so if any of you guys know of cool places to eat, hang out or shop (I have one day possibly two days for pottering, which is beyond short ) any suggestions most gratefully received. OK this morning I wanted to talk about wallpaper, not just any old wallpaper (I am the fussiest thing on earth when it comes to the stuff as I dislike most of it) but this particular wallpaper, below. Merci in Paris (one of the coolest stores on the planet) have just created a tin tile paper which totally and utterly emulates those beautiful tin ceilings you see all over the States. Fabulous for adding architectural interest to ceilings, back splashes (you will need to glass over), walls you name it, it will enliven. I'm getting some for the new store, possibly my bathroom, possibly the double height ceiling on the ground floor and anywhere else I can think of. An image below to inspire, these tiles are the real McCoy as they say, but you could so easily emulate with this fabulous paper. By the way the paper is sold by Rocket st George. I should say before I go that wallpaper particularly this architectural kind is beyond fabulous for adding texture to a space, a room without texture is a room without soul.  You don't get that squishy contented whisky type feeling if you don't add texture to a room and you can never ever ever over do it. It will never look or feel crazy, my top tip is to add as much friction as you possibly can (not advisable for relationships) but totally advisable for interiors. We want conflict, a clash of wills and surfaces, and a good bit of argy bargy going on. Do that and the temperature will rise in a room, I promise!

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