A change is as good as a rest

Morning It’s going to be hot one in London today, even at this rather early hour you can feel the warmth.  Hair cuts are in order to deal with the heat for all three of us, Mung’s and Maud look like sheep, adorable little sheep, wooly, fluffy but their coats are to shaggy and hot for them. As for me  (who also probably looks a little sheep like ) a four hour appointment at the saloon later this afternoon with the brief:  change it, chop it, darken it, do whatever you want with it just do something. A change, as the saying goes, is as good as a rest,   apparently you can get as much good from changing what you are doing as from having a rest. REALLY – lets apply this theory to interiors.   It actually kind of works, if you are bored with your interior, feel like its more mundane than magical then you don’t necessarily need to run to the store immediately and start over. Honestly believe me – all you need to do is get the furniture placement right. Angle; bring to the center, chairs and sofas to break up the boxiness of the room. There is nothing worse in my book then sofas and chairs a la doctor’s waiting room shoved around the perimeter of a room, no matter how small the space.  If that sounds frightening then put something between the sofa and the wall like a console table, or an occasional table  to create an additional layer, promise you it will work. Especially if you accessorize with lamps, art, stuff. There is a reason for this, what we are doing is tricking the eye so consciously (or subconsciously) it can’t take the room in in one hit,   therefore the space  automatically seems more tantalizing and intriguing than it really is. These two images illustrate that anything on an angle or brought into the centre of a room immediately breaks up the boxiness. Its as simple as that! Clever hey, love love interiors! Happy Tuesday

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