Crossing over

My newly designed tableware arrived yesterday looks super cool – colors are divine, inky black, chocolate, teal with and a bit of plummy ness thrown in for good measure.  I might be getting a little over excited but there seems a real movement with people embracing the dark side. I’m not just talking paint I’m talking bedding, wallpaper, lighting AND tableware of course. It’s hard to make pale things look magical they just don’t have that depth and intrigue. Eat supper on an inky blue plate and I swear to God that it will taste better than if you eat it on a white one!  Sit in a room that is cocooning and enveloping, and painted out in a sludgy, murky, bottom of the pond type colour (I’m really selling this aren’t I) and I promise you, you will feel happier.  No matter what the day throws at you, or how tough a day may be, put that key in the door and although it won’t make the problems go away it will envelope you (it will snuggle and wrap you up,  a bit like the hugest cashmere blanket). Trust me on this! You don’t need oodles of money, or a trip to Selfridges (OK that helps) or a villa in the south of France to raise the spirits.  You just need to take a few risks with your colour palette, its so easy peasy. If you don’t believe me check out, The lady  in question lives in a rental and had dabbled with the idea of converting across to the dark side and painting her fireplace dark and finally went for it. From beige to grey,  inspiring no? I must I must I must get a dare to go dark section put up on the website to inspire everyone to take the plunge. Thank you, desgingratis for sharing. Another image to inspire just in case you need any more nudging and coercing. It really is a lot more fun over this side I promise; once you take the plunge there is no going back. Never ever!

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