Every room needs a fabulous assistant

Every person needs a fabulous assistant never mind every room, where am I going with this you may ask well listen up. There are some items that help a room out big time (hence the fabulous assistant analogy) that rescue a room from being just plain old ordinary to turning it into something a little extraordinary. Spare chairs are one such item, recently talked about (remember to go odd and go different) and log baskets are the other helper outer. It doesn't matter if you don't have real fires because they easily double duty as storage; think papers, magazines, throws, towels , Mungy and Maud's toys you name it. No matter if  your interior is traditional or modern, maximalist or minimalist a log basket breaks up the formality of a space with its warm welcoming persona. I've got them all over, by the fireplace outside, inside by the sofa, in the bathroom. If you've got anything leggy like a console bet you anything that a couple of log baskets underneath would totally soften the look. Not just that imagine how fabulous the juxtaposition - something sleek and shiny or antique and fancy with a good honest basket by it, visual friction at its most interesting. Also great for hallways (THE most neglected space in a house), or landings or anywhere that needs helping it - told you it was like a fabulous assistant. An image below to illustrate said point, oh and if you can't find cool ones do not fear in the Fall we will be stocking some amazing ones! That’s it from me, next week will be slightly more sporadic as the odd day starts at 5am but I will do my best to get some posts out. It feels so strange when London is in fever pitch with the Olympics to be leaving the city,  never mind if you've gotta work you've gotta work. No getting around that. An image below taken by Pia Ulin illustrating my log basket point. Have a lovely weekend, I've got a fairly crazy day but then something fabulous,  a facial at Shoreditch House at the very end which is a heavenly thought. Can't be going to NYC without glowing which according to the facial info I should be doing! Speak next week. xx

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