Living with Layers

Morning, 4am new York time and I am shortly to leave for Philly so it's a super quick post from me this morning. The Ace Hotel is fabulous and they are making me feel a little super starfish putting me on the top floor, chocolates in the room with a lovely note, might just live here for a while. Cant wait to meet those of you who are joining me here on Saturday. Something that the Ace does so well is to decorate with aplomb. The minute you walk through the door you don.t quite no where to look, furniture is away from walls and all over the place, lighting is multi layered, there are seating nooks everywhere. It's a visual journey that totally stimulates the senses, if we could all do the same with our homes I reckon we would never ever want to leave. So a little image to inspire and encourage us to never ever stop decorating too soon. The more layers you create the more intriguing your pad will become. All of you coming to the class on Saturday be warned, I bang on about layers a lot! Happy Monday


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