Feeling a little groggy this morning,  back in London AND unbelievably typing  with no coffee since we are out of milk which happens to be the hugest problem of the moment since we only  get milk from one source who doesn't open until 11 (not good)!  However the kids are back, Maud and Mung's that is and boy I missed them . Last night we snuggled and snuggled and snuggled all night, at least Maud and I did, Mungy got the bottom of the bed, its so lovely to have them back pottering around, doing their daily chores and so on. NYC was fabulous, as it always is, this time I actually spent a bit of time in Williamsburg which I loved, dashed across the ferry to the flea and then pottered around the area. Could quite see myself settling in with a store and a house and a little old cabin in the country. OK I'm dreaming but someone very wise said to me once if you don't dream it doesn't happen. Very good point indeed! The great thing about being out of town and going somewhere different is that it gives you time to revaluate life, what works, what doesn't, whats not worth spending time on and  so on. Now there is a clear plan A and a back up plan B- will tell more as the year progresses. In the meantime I'm back for a few weeks then off to Paris for a week where we are renting an apartment with the two M's, I'm writing my book, buying for the store and spending a bit of time on the stand which is why I need to buck up my ideas, get off my butt and start my day. Before I go,  incredible Olympic results team GB, 3rd in  the leader board  AMAZING.  There is a buzz permeating the air here which is quite infectious I have to say. Right that's me done - off to grab breakfast and a coffee from Violets. I leave you with a little detail taken from Adore Magazines, latest issue. The devil as they say is in the detail.

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