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Morning, forgive the late one my body won't let me get up yet at the normal 5 o clock, although it had no trouble doing so in NYC every morning I pretty much woke at 1.30 am, so we are a little messed up to say the least! I get asked alot if you can use dark colours in isolation in a space, by that I mean the odd room, the odd wall, I think there is a worry of a space feeling disconnected in some way if it all doesn't blend.  Fear not, you absolutely don't have to go all out and convert to the dark side, one wall, one room, two rooms, or the whole shebang it all works. The most important tip is to follow your inner voice, ignore friends, family or who ever else throws seeds of doubt in your way and follow your heart. AND yes you can go dark in hot countries, cold countries, luke warm countries it all works. Take Adam Levine's pad in LA  (he being the front man of the band Maroon 5). Some rooms are dark, some rooms are light and it all kind of works. Think  no rules, no wrongs and no rights. More than anything else you need confidence and the ability should   it go wrong to get back on the tracks.  I make mistakes, all the time I make mistakes but the thing about mistakes is you learn from them, you get yourself up, dust yourself off and you don't give up. One life (wish there was more) but one life we have, and by hook or by crook we have to make it the best we possibly can, by taking risks, making some tough decisions, failing, but also learning. Am I sounding like a therapist this morning - its jet lag apologises! Mr Levine's pad below: Loving the feature dark wall, see how beautifully it sets everything off. Cool bedroom, not totally convinced on the choice of bed linen with the dark wood but you know what you're Adam Levine you can do whatever you so wish, I won't say a thing promise. I should probably be talking here about how pattern totally brings the space alive, and the interesting play of textures except you know what who cares. To darn  cool for school Mr Levine! Happy Wednesday

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