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So I'm late writing this again SORRY, by next week body clock I am sure will be back to normal. Busy day today the kids have just gone to school and Mungy for the first time put the breaks on and tried to scamper back to me, which was awful to see. Normally he bounds out at full throttle, not sure if he thought I was going away again or he suddenly doesn't like school anymore, although they only go about twice a month so its not like its a full time school.  Regrettably we are all out at meetings so I couldn't let him stay home (he has separation issues), its tough being a mummy, wanted to cancel every single thing I had going on today and stay home with Mung's, except I can't.  Have to be professional, something I am usually quite good at, not today though, struggling with conscience! Enough, we are here to talk interiors, so lets begin. In the Design School I talk about creating the perfect home and run through room by room tips and hints on how to create if you like the perfectly imperfect home (since perfection is a little to uptight for my way of decorating). The rooms that always come up as the hardest to get right are, and this is in order; hallways, kitchens, bathrooms. I've yabbered about hallways a lot so today I thought I would spend a second on kitchens. Previously we've gone thru layering with stuff so rugs, accessories, and lamps you know the thing, but today I wanted to spend a second on open shelving. The thing about open shelving is that is immediately adds personality to a space and cosies it up. Many people think that you have to have cool stuff on the shelves in order for the display to look Ta Da. Not so, I can't show you quite yet (have to wait for the new book I hate to say) but if you paint your shelves out the same colour as your walls even a tomato ketchup bottle will look cool, promise, seriously promise.  The picture I am about to show you has open shelving, wooden, darkly hued and the feeling is one of immediate luxury. Check out the wine bottles or the glasses there is nothing special to them, but the colour (be that the same as your walls) or this beautiful wood makes the objects on them look exceeding glamorous. Its like putting on a pair of killer heels which I am just about to do for a meeting, suddenly you feel cool, sophisticated and super glam. That's me done gotta run.  

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