Adding some zing

Ay Yi Yi, not one wink of sleep the whole night, not sure if it was the heat or all the exciting stuff going thru my head or the little furry thing on my pillow, or the clam pizza at a new fab restaurant but either which way not one second of sleep. And today is a busy one and a  hot one so I'm a little stressed to say the least. For once there will be little yabbering as we're getting down to business pronto as I wanted to talk for a second about pattern. Pattern like texture (as I say often enough) is the decorating worlds equivalent to herbs and spices. Fundamental in giving a space some zing, pattern in my book feels often neglected. Not sure if that is because we are scared of it and therefore avoid it or whether we feel it will make rooms feel way to crazy. Either way if I could give one piece of advice it would be to add it, add it through rugs, cushions, vases, paintings whatever you need to do just add it. A bit like food without seasoning and herbs a room without pattern to me feels like its missing a beat. Some pictures to inspire of rugs the most, repeat the the the most fabulous way of adding pattern to a space. These beauties are from Happy Weekend

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