Blue sky thinking

The house I am about to show you this morning thinks outside of the box, at least the person who designed it does, and that is Kelly Wearstler. Now you may not like it, I for one am not the biggest fan of the space but what I love about it and about Kelly is she follows her own path. Her designs ignore whats in or whats out,  they are not limited by current beliefs, instead they are as open minded and as wide and clear as the blue sky. Confidence is required to follow your path and ignore what others say and just go with what you believe in, but it totally pays off. So the point (a little obviously) I realise is take the plunge. If you want to paint something dark paint it dark, its a can of  paint if you hate it paint it back the next day. If you want to paper the ceiling paper the ceiling, if it doesn't work hell it doesn't work, don't think about it too much or procrastinate just do it. I am sure interiors would be way more exciting if we just took the plunge more often. I for one am good at taking risks (sometimes they fail, quite often they fail) but you know what it doesn't put me off, might piss me off for a day or two but that is about it. Its forgotten, over, moved on, so without further ado Ms Wearstler's latest residence for a couple in Washington. Painting the ceiling out in a stripe totally lowers it bringing it crashing down to the floor. Would I do it no, do I like it not particularly but that is not the point. The point is its ballsy its gutsy and I have the hugest amount of respect for people that take risks and follow their beliefs, no matter what others say. Bookcases above door openings, the odd marble wall, patterned carpets, not everyone's cup of tea or budget but the thing about interiors is not to follow the Joneses , not to even worry about the Joneses just push it. The more you push it the more tantalising your interiors will become, and the great thing about taking risks is that it makes you feel alive win or fail you're pumped and I for one would rather feel alive than just plod on and live in a space that neither increases the pulse rate or tugs at the heart strings. Lesson over - have a good Wednesday  

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