Customising a rental

Many of us city living types rent, I happen not to but I used to so I know only to well how frustrating it can be to have restriction upon restriction thrust upon you. The thing is to not let those restrictions bog you down, like we used to have this bland grey carpet throughout the house we rented in the USA so I layered the space with rugs to up the style ratings.  We also weren't allowed to bang holes in walls so I propped large canvases and boards against the walls and papered them. I replaced all the boring pendant lights with cooler ones and I accessorized big time. A few other ideas, equally applicable (even if your not renting ) that I have done in my time and which have been hugely successful. First up and possibly my favourite, decals or vinyl paper that hide unwanted views and add pattern and texture and pizzazz to a space. I used this butterfly vinyl below on a TV show I co-presented , Get Your House in Order - the source has suddenly escaped me (its early and I'm running on very low batteries but it will come back to me I sure). Cozies up a space, adds intrigue and hides hides hides anything ugly - plus you peel if off in a nano second, easy peasy no? Next idea - taping little areas of floor like Kate Spade did in one of their NYC stores - fabulous again for adding pattern, texture to passageways, hallways, landings you name it. It personalizes, it makes a space feel arty and if feels unique. The big thing about renting is to make the space feel like its yours, its only then that you will want to come home,  pop the key in the door and et voila - heaven! And finally adding some vintage - something that tells a narrative, that  isn't perfect and therefore adds a whole other dialogue to your space as well as making it totally unique. Not so hard hey, have a great Thursday,  I for one need an energy pill feeling rather exhausted at the mo. Paris in two weeks,  where we are launching our new tableware collection, haven't yet designed the stand, photographed anything and the very worse thing I've got so much on that I can't even begin to think about it for a whole other week. Not good! Never worry worry until worry worries you as my mother used to tell me when I used to cry every morning getting on my bike going to school which I so didn't want to do, I just wanted to stay home with her at the young tender of age of say 5, (be truthful Abi) OK correction 14, at the big age of 14!!!

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