Creative ways to display art

I talk about art alot since its one of those things that immediately makes a home feel more lived in and personal. If you don't have the largest collection in the world, or if you fancy doing things a little differently there are all sorts of cool and funky ways to display. I for one don't have enough art and am always on the hunt for new emergying artists, talking of which if anyone knows any cool artists do let me know as we are going to be exhibiting in the new store cool, but reasonable art that you can buy without taking the bank manager out for a drink first! So some interesting ways to display, for  a casual vibe consider just plonking art on the floor, or shelves, or mantles it immediately makes a space feel more relaxed and chilled if you don't hang. In front of a bookcase (the Americans do this alot) and it makes for an interesting layered look, particularly great if some of  your tomes are of the Barbara Cartland variety or you don't have quiet enough. I bang on about it all the time but the more layers you add the more interesting your space will become. Picture ledges are great particularly for hallways, and passageways, whenever I have a second off (possibly 2014 the rate things are going) I am planning on doing something similar in my hallway. That is leaning pictures on the ledge and on the floor below - super cool. Also whilst Stateside I visited a very cool apartment with art nailed to the back of the a door  looked amazing. Regrettably I can't show you just yet, you will have to wait for the second book which gets published a bit earlier than I originally told you, February 2014 is now the plan  which is super exciting providing I can write the text in the next few weeks. Note to self move wake up call from 4.30 am to 3.30 am, and buy a heap more coffee! Have a great weekend, its a working one of us apart from a little respite in the evening on Saturday we are taking my parents to the Tow Path for a fab super as a thank you for looking after the bow wows. PS there are spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes I am sure, (for which I apologise) writing this at the rate of knots as have the craziest day ahead.

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