Gorgeous Kitchens

I'm on a count down to Friday - one of the many big deadlines I've got coming up looms and somehow I need to make it, get it done and nail it.  This weekend was a work one with 4 am starts and long ends so I begin this week pretty tired and feeling like I am coming down with something. The house is a mess, the plants needs watering, and due to tiredness I'm crashing round breaking things. I bashed into my desk in the bedroom and managed to smash like 5 things, hand thrown vessels, small cute occasional table, lamps and art all broken and ruined so as you can probably tell its not the best of times. However my plan is not look at the enormous work load and instead break things down hour by hour. Which leads me nicely on to designing spaces, if it feels overwhelming figuring out a scheme for a whole room or apartment or house, break it down into lots of little vignettes, it helps believe me. Say for example you want to revamp the kitchen but are in a conundrum as to where to start, take a corner of the space, break it down into little segments and go from there. I for one don't want to spend big bucks on units, even if you dip them in gold they are pretty boring so I generally replace the doors paint them out, let them go away and then concentrate on the handles and possibly the back splash. Open shelving is always great in a kitchen since it immediately cosies it up and if you happen to paint out the shelves the same colour as the walls then anything you put on them will look way more fabulous than it really is. Adding the odd pop of colour through art, through furniture and accessories also ups the style ratings. Playing around with lighting so you have a room that is practical when you are prepping and cooking, but intriguing and dramatic when you dim is the name of the game. But hey you  don't need me to tell you that. Decorating is addictive, if you follow your heart and push the odd boundary the results are breath taking and you become as obsessed as I am. Gotta fly - have 3 chapter openers to write by 8am, and somehow don’t think I am going to quite make that deadline. [caption id="attachment_3626" align="aligncenter" width="355"] Real Living Magazine[/caption]  

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