Making a u turn

Today its just me, Mung's and Maud at home, a little unusal but the team are either away, or manning the store, or doing other things.  Since  I have a day of writing, writing, writing I plan on being  super lazy and actually staying in my pjammas the whole day, heavenly. Providing of course I can actually write I've spent such a long time at my desk this last week my elbow has kind swollen up and is a little painful, making writing a tad unpleasant - not that there is anything I can do about it, just carry on as the saying goes. So I am about to make a u turn and admit on occasion I can be wrong, its rare but it happens!  I've had the biggest aversion to plants inside for the longest time, now  excuse the word (but I love it), house plants have to me at least just felt a little pedestrian, house plants  along with hanging baskets that is but lets no go there. Hated for years but gradually  I am coming round. It started with a shot Anthropologie did of this amazing huge cactus in a room, and then a whole load of other cool house plant images started filtering into my brain so I admit, I was wrong, I like them infact I might even go as far as saying I want one. Like flowers they bring a room to life, I would say however unlike flowers they work more in isolation and the key I am guessing is to have a really cool one. They don't have to cost oodles of money, style as we all know has nothing to do with that but they do wake up a room beautifully. Check out these images below all styled by Hans Blomquist who I used to work with strangely enough in my old styling days, they are one of the reasons for my u turning. Never mind the plant for a minute, when I hit the campaign trail going door to door attempting to convert EVERYONE across to the dark side, this is the image I will be shoving through letterboxes to highlight my case. Dark interiors just make stuff look way more expensive. I digress back to the plant very very simple but totally effective. Happy Tuesday

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