Adding some zing

I think someone from above is possibly not on my side, on deadline with craziest two weeks of my working life ever with 4 am starts , crawled into bed a little over 90 minutes ago when a stray old basset hound started barking down the street. He has been at it since then, the police won't do anything, the RSPCA have passed the buck and now we are waiting for the council. I tried to bring him in here to comfort him, (that didn't work), tried sitting beside him (that didn't work made him even more crazy) took Mung's out to calm him down (that didn't work) so here we all are, 12am awake and working with our two going nuts at the sound of him. Happy days. Lets talk pattern since we  might as well get down to business, am sure someone somewhere  in the world is awake to follow my thread. People are a little scared of pattern I find, I know I certainly used to be. Once you take the plunge however your confidence levels build up and then its like discovering great coffee, or a great wine, your like why or why didn't we become buddies sooner. I've said it a thousand times over so forgive me for saying it again but rugs are a great way of introducing pattern to a space. Check out the image below, can you imagine how dull that space would look without that rug and those cool cushions? Yep so can I. Pattern wakes up a room, it gives it a whole dimension a new lease of  life so I cannot sing its praises enough. Without the pattern of the cushions below and the rug this room would suffer from bland room syndrome - not something a room needs I here its rather contagious! [caption id="attachment_3637" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Photography Petra Bindel[/caption] Number  one top top top top tip if you restrict the colour palette  you can actually mix more patterns than you think,  see how this palette below when broken down is literally just  a few hues  predominately plumy tones and  yellows. Start small if a rug is too scary opt for cushions , or a fab painting or wallpaper a nook in some zany pattern or put stripes in the  loo, or paint something abstract on back of the door. Am I sounding nuts, lack of sleep better stop before I make even less sense. Happy Wednesday (NOT)! Going back out there, poor dog its horrible not being able to help

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