Focus, focus, focus now that is something I have done these last few weeks.  Having gotten off a plane from NYC 2 weeks ago and not stopped for one minute, no weekends no evenings just work work to meet a deadline, I haven't been much fun to be around.  However with a long weekend upon us (bank holiday on Monday so no post from me), I get to take a little time off.  I would love to have grabbed the two M's and hiked up a mountain for 3 days, but with Paris looming I only get a small part of the weekend off, I’m not complaining, promise. I'm not!  Also at the back of mind throughout this interesting journey of work and stress is a phrase from Billy Jean King 'pressure is a privilege". I scrawled it on a post it and stuck it to my computer. I adore what I do; many people are in jobs they don't love so stop with the groaning! Talking of doing something that you love, if you are interested in following your dreams and starting a retail business (are you crazy,) sorry that is a bad joke, then I just wanted to give you the heads up that our Retail Class on the 5th October is fully booked. There is one more this year and that’s on 23rd and spaces are getting extremely tight, just so you know. Right lets move on and talk about focal points. Every room needs one, I say every room needs more than one but today we are talking about creating just one. Traditionally of course the fireplace was the focal point, it grounds a room and it is in my opinion  one of the coolest things you can do to a room. Even if you fake it as I did for the show Get Your House In Order, on C4 for the  couple in question who had a loft apartment with no chimney breast. We created a fire breast out of MDF filled it with logs brought a cool fire surround and clustered chairs around it. Their apartment was not a big one, and the builders thought  I was nuts making it even smaller by building the fire breast but it totally brought the room together. It became the hang out zone; to read, write, listen to music. Maybe I'm weird but I can't have the TV on unless there is something good on to watch, (and it never ever goes on in the day). I would rather put on small cool music, light a fire, flip through a magazine, then watch something just for the sake of watching something, if you know what I mean. Anyway the great thing about fireplaces is that they add additional height to the room and you can cluster heaps of interesting stuff on the mantle to make a room look fab. If you don't go down the fireplace route remember to go bold, every room needs a focus its like an exclamation point if you like otherwise it becomes a big yawn. So how about a giant size mirror, a feature wall of art, or wallpaper, or some cool colour. Other ideas a cool console sprayed in a great colour, a piece of furniture upholstered in a bold blingy way, something. Focal points have to stand out and shout TA DA otherwise they are not focal points, if you see what I mean. So I leave you with an image of my fireplace plus one other and you will see how it grounds a room with everything else sort of working off of it. Happy bank holiday weekend to those living in GB xx

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