Thinking Big

Not sure where the weekend went, other than in a flash,  and for us pretty much a working one but there you go. Mid September everything calms down a little bit (not quite enough to take a vacation) but enough to have weekends off and evenings pottering around the kitchen, lighting fires that sort of thing. Can't wait, as much as I don't want to push summer into autumn I'm kind of over summer, the thought of weekends wandering over  parks with fallen leaves in wellies and the dogs is more appealing than heat. Strangely enough I feel more creative and have far more energy and plans in the cooler months, however I am sure come January when its freezing and cold I'll be banging on about spring and the joys of summer. There is no pleasing some as they say! Now I've spoken alot about proportion play before, by that I mean plonking things to large in rooms that are too small, or putting something teeny tiny on a table that is way to big. I can't really endorse enough the effect this has on a room, it takes it from drab to fab in a second, not only that it creates an interesting dialogue. Rooms that are memorable, make the heart skip a beat have something oddball going on in them. They don't tick the conventional box, they push it by messing around with scale it's one of the easiest most transformative things you can do. The image below by Armelle Habib, illustrates exactly what I am talking about, an over sized mirror is one of the simplest things you can do to throw a room off radar. Lamps, art, a big bunch of blooms, a extra large chair are a few others. Once you start there is no going back and it gets a little addictive just to warn. Oh and talking of thinking big on  facebook for the next few days, at 4pm a series of flash sales. Each day we will be listing at hugely discounted prices some of our pieces that have been in store for a while and/or  are slightly marked or damaged to make way for new stock. There is only one of each thing so its certainly first come first serve. Today the neo baroque chandelier is going under the hammer. Prices and further details 1600 hours on fb. Until then x

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