Glamorous Dining

Some days are scary, you know when you wake up and you start thinking about all the stuff going on and your chest kind of feels tight, that kind of scary. We leave for Paris in less than a week and  my new tableware collection we are launching at Maison Objet is in transit somewhere between here and South Africa. We have still to get it photographed (reference shots only at this late stage) sorted, cards produced oh and I have to write and finish the book in 2 weeks!  See what I'm talking about, somehow I've got to exhibit the collection in Paris, buy for the store plus buy for the new store (we still haven't signed,  the searches are taking forever,) and write the book simultaneously See what I mean, its chest tightening stuff! Here's the tableware anyways (I posted these shots on fb recently) just out of the kiln and looking fabulous if I say so myself so I can't wait to see it for real. Here's my point of the day, stuff looks better on a dark background whether that's food on a plate, or whether that’s painting some part of your house dark I kid you not, things totally look more sophisticated and grand against a dark background. Don't trust my word  for it, have a look at these inspirational pics from Sweet Paul Magazine; see how the food looks so stunning when the background is darker. Plonk that on a white plate and none of us would be here talking about it. Last night after the longest day I made macaroni with minted peas, basic 5-minute stuff. I served it in supersized teal bowls (dish washable I might add) and by God it felt and looked like I had spent hours slaving away in the kitchen. It was lost somewhat as it needed to be served at the table with candles etc but to tired to sit up we donned pyjamas and eat it off the sofa whilst watching Hells Kitchen. Nearly forgot, we running a flash sale today on fb  (4pm) & I'll post items here also. Big  discounts on some store items as we are making room for all the A/W things arriving. Today bookcases, there are only two at this price so its a first come first serve basis. Back at 4 with the deal of the day!

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