The animal trend

Our homes should make us smile, one or two pieces in a room should stand out at us and literally envelope us with warmth. Otherwise it all just feels a little too contrived, wrong, too serious, every space needs a little quirk, every space something a little funny.  What better way to do that than with animals a trend that has been with us for decades think  old country manor houses littered with taxidermy all over the place. I had no idea when I designed the dog lights just how popular they would be, retailers all over the globe have snapped them up, A list celebs have snapped. we have wait lists a mile long because the shade maker has not been able to keep up with the demand. Until now that is when after what seems like ages we have finally solved the problem and from the end of September there should no longer be any lead times on standard shades as 1000s will be in stock. In the store we are a little animal crazy from papier mache elephants, to gold owls to big chunky silver boars - nuts?  possibly but you know what people coming thru the door have an instant smile on their face and that to me is priceless. Same with  my house, I have a moose in the garden, mooses in the loo, parrots on fireplaces its rare for a person to walk straight downstairs without lingering and asking where do you get that from. So if your space is a little dull, lighten it up with some quirky finds - Adler, Anthropologie and us of course are just a few retailers that have embraced the animal trend big time. Flea markets are fab hunting grounds as are charity stores and auction houses. Oh and a sneak peak of whats coming in store in a few weeks time, bison and deer (gotta have one of those bison with the attitudy face)! Right must dash, the kids (Mungo and Maud have a vet visit to get their passports in order for Paris next week) and I need to go and get my eyebrows tinted. Too much information? Apologises kind of feel like I know you guys

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