Going for gold

Morning, - dark at 5.30 am  ugg, seems like only last week when it was light and warm with no nip in the air. Long tough weekend ahead for me, need to get the bulk of the book written before leaving for Paris, and we are to the wire on everything. Tableware arriving today, half the stuff for our exhibition stand still  not arrived, plus we've lost Maud's passport, Mung's so we discovered yesterday has some skin thing going on and is suffering from hair loss (hope thats not catching)  and whats more he begins French school next week and you know how kids tease! Oh by the way when we get back from Paris the store in Islington is going thru a bit of a revamp so we will be having a stoop sale as I need to make way for all the tableware and other stuff we have got coming in.  So lots of things going at big discounted prices which we are going to sell off American style  'on the sidewalk' for one morning one Saturday, from bookcases to pots to stools should be fun, oh and a few vintage bits from home as I can't find a place for them.  Not sure yet on which weekend it sort of depends on our energy levels but pretty soon and will tweet, blog faceblog the normal stuff. Right then down to business I wanted to talk about gold today, sounds too blingy well here me out. I adore gold more than I do silver its a warmer colour for a start,  and every home needs some shimmering metallic thing in it for the simple reason that metalics enhance a room. Like magpies we are drawn to shiny things so when you plop a beautiful gold mirror, or picture frame or vase in a room it lifts it immediately. Think of it like jewellery you know how a ring or bracelet lifts an outfit well gold does exactly the same for a room. So you could go for some cool vase, or curtains, or cushions, maybe a rug, picture frame, piece of furniture like a sofa or cabinet. I've got gold pineapple wall scones which I adore and little gold carafes that I fill with the odd bloom and plonk all over the house. Its a simple decorating trick adding something shinny to a space but all the cool designers do it,  as it lifts a table, a mantle, a shelf, a wall to an extraordinary new level. You can barely see it on my shelf at home, but belief me when the light hits my little gold carafe it sparkles and dazzles and up's the style ratings  (its the vessel housing the red bloom). I  have them all over the house. Am a bit crazy about our gold pineapples they are in my studio as seen here, in the bedroom and shortly hot footing it to the bathroom. Happy weekend.

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