Let there be light

Bonjour from Paris, forgive yesterdays lack of post, we left in the early hours of the morning,  I had a killer head ache so actually yesterday was best forgotten. Apart from a little patch of grass Maud, Mung's and I found at Maison Objet where the three of lay to much laughing from passers by, whilst Graham slaved away on the stand poor thing. Regrettably I could barely even walk with my head, so under a big old pine tree we snuggled up and dozed, and every time people got to close to us (some even took pictures) Mung's took guard and growled. Good boy Mung's. Today we're just about to head out the door and the kids go to French school, Maud is a pro having been before (Mung's not so sure) he has become a bit clingy, thinking he assumes he is going back to kennels being a rescue and given up so many times. Anyways enough of my day to day musings lets talk interiors. I love this time of year, Fall is in the air we start thinking about our homes again, snuggling around fires, cooking slow roasts that kind of stuff and as we spend longer in doors we need to houses to pull out all the stops and look amazing. You all know right that the second most transformative you can do after colour is lighting right? Also the first thing you should ever ever buy almost before signing the papers is a dimmer! Get the lighting right you get the atmosphere right. I'm making it sound easy and really it kind of is. Table lights are great  for dotting around a room they cast a soft glow, bring a room together but also make it feel snug - you'll need at least 7 in a room (take a breath I know it sounds a lot but 7 you will need)! PRomise promise promise even in the teeniest tiniest of spaces. Floor lamps take the lighting to another level, you don't need so many, one will do - I tend to have 2 in any given space. Their strong verticals are a bonus too as they break up a rooms boxiness. Chandeliers pendants and anything hanging from above should never ever ever be the main light source - its too flat and too dull so it has to have buddies (floor and table) to help it out. Right thats me done, the image below doesn't illustrate my 7 different light sources (sorry no time to search it out) but it does illustrate a cool way if highlighting art as opposed to trad, light above the painting way. Have a great Tuesday, opps sorry Wednesday xx

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