Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Late late late, all of us have massively overslept and have to get out the door in approx 10 minutes (so this blog is going to be a little short, apologises in advance). Aches and pains abound (yesterday I become a builder and decorator), working on our stand at Maison Obet and actually ended up getting more paint over myself than the walls shall post pictures once the stand is fully up and dressed, but not of me covered head to toe in paint I should add! Walking around the show is an eye opener  (I totally endorse anyone to visit if you happen to be thinking of getting into retail). Nathalie Lette was putting the finishing touches to her stand (AMAZING), John Derian was unpacking and arranging all his beautiful products. Set builders, artists, designers all pulling together turning both tiny and large spaces into amazing spaces its truely incredible what you can do in a couple of days, to spaces that have no natural daylight! So that really is the point of the day, no matter how small, weird or oddly shaped your space is, no matter how large it is you can do miraculous things. If you rent, if you've brought no matter, nothing should be a hurdle, you come here and see how these guys are working from 8am until midnight pulling  some amazing looking interiors, and its hats off! Not everyone puts in the same effort some simply rock up, take out a table place a few things and are gone. Others of us work our butts off. The only thing that stops us half the time is the mind - give it a good talking to and make it happen is what I say, I am after this, its a total inspiration. If you want something go get it no more procrastiantion - no more woulda coulda shoulda! Right I have to go. I should say that the stand next to us has life size polar bears in it, possibly made out of resin I didn't investigate - so you look down our isle and you've got bulldogs with frou frou lamp shades on their head (our stand), and next door life size polar bears. One of us has possibly   lost the plot, not sure quite who at this stage! Happy Thurs (sorry no images have no time this morn have literally gotta run) x    

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