Last day in Paris for me, its a long one a midnight journey back on the euro tunnel so  tomorrows post will be  a little late, hoping I can have a bit of a sleep in. Nothing but a pjamma day for me tomorrow, lots of good coffee and maybe if there is a nip in the air a big fire, cannot wait!  After this trip to Paris lots of changes are in the air, one of things I kind of love about going away is that it makes you reassess stuff so lots of changes ahead all of which I will divulge as we go through the month. Our Islington store is going through a bit of a revamp when we get back, and art is back on the agenda, big time.  Cool art from simple little sketches (adore adore sketches ) to prints, to oils, to the written word you name it, we're showcasing it. Art changes the personality of a space like nothing else I know, it enlivens boring nooks and brings rooms alive - I actually don't think I could live anywhere now without something on the wall. An image below to inspire of a super cool art collection, and for me coffee coffee coffee to wake up plus  a stroll through the streets of Paris with the two M's.  Nice

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