Selecting Furniture

Morning, back in London and a little weary but nothing a thousand coffees won't sort out. Paris was fabulous, found tons repeat tons of beautiful products all ordered and hopefully all winging their way over here very shortly which I can't wait to get my hands on. There are a ton of furniture stands at Maison Objet, some of them are amazing,  others well, lets just say not so good.  I think the key to buying furniture vintage, flea or new is to select something supremely squishy. My golden rule the more uptight looking the furniture the more uptight looking the room. By all means have the odd formal little chair throwing everything off balance but the big boys (sofas and chairs) should  be relatively squishy. Two reasons for this school of thought, firstly because it lends a laid back air to your lair and secondly an entirely practical reason its perfect for snuggling, snuggling by the way is a practical requirement and an important part of daily life!  Snuggling with  dogs,cats, people or curling up on your lonesome and reading the papers, a book, piddling around on the computer. The more uptight your furnishings the more uptight looking your room - and it was exactly that at the show. Those stands with comfy curly uppy chairs and sofas drew me in, those sleek rather harsh looking numbers sent me running the other way. An image below of Maud and I snuggling in the squishest of sofas by George Smith. Mung's quite likes snuggling too except Maud being a little bossy wont let him up on the sofa when she is in the middle of a snuggle. Hey ho we do it in secret when she's not looking! Have a lovely Wednesday

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