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Morning, coffee in hand, fingers on the keypad and ready to yabber. I was reading not so long ago in Real Living magazine (an Australian publication in which Maud and I graced the cover a few months back, Fraudie is still telling her  friends about it I might add) about the old saying 'if you want something done give it to a busy person'. The reason being the super active get things done, aren't deterred by problems, no matter the obstacles, they can change direction often and  re think their ideas in a nano second. If something doesn't work out no matter how much you wanted it to, you move on and you move up, you don't linger or ponder what if. These are the exact attributes you need when designing your very own pad. Its so easy to be put off especially if things don't work out exactly as you planned, or they seem too daunting.  For example I get asked alot 'what if I don't like the result if I go dark' or 'what if it looks too gloomy'. You will like it and it won't look gloomy but that isn't today's point - today's point is just do it, its a can of paint if you hate it paint it back the next day, simple no? So Autumn is upon is (one of my fav seasons) lots of park walking with crunchy leaves underfoot and the smell of the earth in the air, coupled with roaring fires and perhaps the occassional glass of whisky,  (I'm digressing). As we're about to spend more time in doors we need our homes to tantalise and seduce us, beckoning us home when we are out and about, so  layering is fundamental, Rugs, cushions anything that makes a room more cosy and cocooning, squishy and comfortable. From  fab foliage from the garden to lots of candles dotted all over the place oh and if you dare the odd room or two or even the odd wall painted out an inky hue. It is without any exaggeration life changing! Image below from Real Living Magazine - have a lovely Thursday

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